Conference Agenda

Monday Evening


3:30 Registration Opens in the Foyer

4:30 Social begins in Grand Ballroom

  • Raptor Experience Opens, provided by Buffalo Bill Center of the West
  • Cash Bar Opens
  • Hors d’oeuvres

5:15 Program Begins in Grand Ballroom

  • Welcome
    • Jeff Laszlo, WLA Board Chair
  • Invocation and Introduction of the Keynote
    • Cooper Hibbard, Foreman at Sieben Livestock Company

5:30 Keynote

  • Bob Budd, Executive Director of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust

Working lands can sustainably balance a broad spectrum of needs and values, including those for food, fiber, ecosystem services, wildlife habitat, recreation, and livelihoods. Achieving this balance requires more supportive economics and policy, as well as the place-based collaboration necessary for managing working landscapes.

6:15 Stewardship with Vision Film Series

  • Virginie Pointeau, WLA Communications Director
  • George Whitten and Julie Sullivan, San Juan Ranch
  • 9 min film showing

6:25 Land and Livelihoods Award Ceremony

6:35 Buffalo Bill Center of the West Shares Information about the Raptor Experience

6:50 Cash Bar, Hors D’ Oeuvres, and Social Continue

8:00 End

Tuesday Morning Session


7:00 Coffee (Breakfast on your own)

7:50 Welcome

  • Lesli Allison, WLA Executive Director

8:00 Introductions: Get to know your fellow round table participants

  • Led by Table Hosts

8:10 Conference Overview and Introduction of Keynote

  • Cole Mannix, WLA Associate Director

8:15 Designing for an Ecological Economics

  • Jon Erickson, David Blittersdorf Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy, University of Vermont

In an economy not designed to account for ecological limits, economic incentives often do not encourage land management that balances economic activity within such limits. What might the outlines of a better design look like?

9:00 Conversation with the Keynote: Aligning Incentives with Land Health

  • Moderated by Bob Budd
  • Panelists
    • George Boody, Land Stewardship Project
    • Holly Fretwell, Property & Environmental Research Center
    • Jason “J” Shogren, University of Wyoming
    • Jon Erickson

Panelists discuss how better policy could encourage forms of management that balance economic activity within ecological limits, maintain or improve land health, and curate habitat for particular wildlife species on working lands. Whether by improving existing markets, creating new ones, or utilizing non-market mechanisms, there is great need and opportunity.

9:50 Questions

10:00 Break

10:20 Adapting Regional Policy to a Changing Western Economy

  • Mark Haggerty, Headwaters Economics
  • Julia Haggerty, Montana State University

The Mountain West is experiencing rapid urban economic growth and significant overall economic change. Amidst increasing human pressures, what policy adaptations might better support healthy landscapes, wildlife populations, and rural communities?

11:05 Round Table Discussions

  • Led by Table Hosts


Current Events Affecting Working Lands Conservation in D.C.

  • George Cooper, Forbes Tate Partners
  • Distinguishing the signal within the noise surrounding policy priorities for working lands conservation in 2018-2019.

12:00 Questions

12:10 Lunch

Tuesday Afternoon Session


1:00 Introduction of Afternoon Speakers and Topics

  • Jessica Crowder, WLA Policy Director

1:05 Soil Carbon State of the Union

  • State of Carbon Science
    • Tony Hartshorn, Montana State University
    • The topic of soil carbon generates a great deal of excitement. What are the current limits to our understanding of carbon, our ability to affordably measure changes in carbon at scale, and our ability to correlate these changes with management?



  • State of Carbon-related Business, Policies, and Opportunities


    • Calla Rose Ostrander
    • Given limited knowledge, what is being done to encourage and support beneficial practices as they relate to carbon and overall soil health, and what are the opportunities?

1:50 Questions

2:00 Opportunities and Challenges in Branded Meats

  • Cory Carman, Carman Ranch Beef and Pasture one

2:30 Questions

2:40 Break

3:00 Planned Grazing, Improved Habitat, and Profitable Diversification on Western Ranches

  • Burke Teichert, Teichert Management and Consulting
  • Rick Danvir, Basin Wildlife Consulting and WLA Advisor

3:45 Questions

4:00 Sagebrush Conservation Credit System in Nevada

  • Shane Hall, Crawford Cattle Company
  • Robert Veldman, K-Coe Isom

4:45 Questions

Tuesday Evening Session


5:00 Break & Social

  • Cash Bar
  • Background music by The Two Tracks of Sheridan, WY

5:45 Dinner Begins

6:45 Introduction of Keynotes

  • Hallie Mahowald, WLA Stewardship Services Director

6:50 Working and Wild  in the NE Sandhills

  • Michael Forsberg, Conservation Photographer of the Northern Great Plains
  • Sarah Sortum, Calamus Outfitters

7:35 Address by WLA Board

7:40 Music and Dancing

  • The Two Tracks Band, Sheridan, WY

9:30 Cash Bar Closes

10:00 Grand Ballroom Closes for the Night

Wednesday Morning Session


7:00 Coffee (Breakfast on your own)

7:50 Welcome and Overview in Grand Ballroom

  • Jennifer Lind, WLA Finance and Operations Director

7:55 Invocation and Introduction of Keynote

  • David Mannix, Mannix Brothers Inc.

8:00 A New Compact Between Urban and Rural America

  • Nils Christoffersen, Executive Director, Wallowa Resources
  • Urban growth and other human pressures continue to challenge rural areas that sustain wildlife and land health in the West. Amidst increasing complexity, we must develop more effective ways to take responsibility for the health of our local landscapes land rural communities. This will depend on the flexibility to organize, adapt, and make management decisions collaboratively at the local level.

8:45 Conversation with the Keynote: Scaling Up Community Based Conservation

  • Moderated by Lesli Allison
  • Panelists
    • Karen Hardigg, Executive Director of Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition
    • Jim Stone, President of Partners for Conservation
    • Heather Knight, Associate Director, Center for Collaborative Conservation at CSU
    • Nils Christoffersen

9:45 Questions

10:00 Break

10:20 Breakout 1 in Designated Room

  • Prioritizing Economic Opportunities

11:50 Report Out

12:20 Lunch

12:50 Share Roundtable Results

Wednesday Afternoon Session


1:00 Breakout 2 in Designated Areas

  • Empowering Community Based Conservation

2:30 Report Out

3:00 Closing Remarks – Lesli Allison

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